Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching

Why you would consider a personal trainer(PT)?

● Reduces the risk of injury
● They hold you accountable
● Learn life long Lessons
● Trainers are a great resources
● They set you up for a healthier future

Those are just some of the benefits you receive from the average Personal Trainer, but at Northcliff CrossFit, our trainers are more than just average PT’s. They have accumulated knowledge that stretches far beyond an average personal trainers capacity like Gymnastics, CrossFit levels 1&2, Functional Movements and Correctness, just to name a few.

Forget what you have heard about having a Personal Trainer and come and experience how dynamic ours is.

Our Personal Trainers

Leon Manders

Dylan Labuschange

Online Coaching

Programming designed to your individual needs, based on your own strengths and weaknesses.
Depending on the need, we will do testing and the program is designed around the feedback we get from the tests done.
Examples include: fitness, injury rehab, gymnastics, weightlifting and accessory work.

About Nutritional Coaching at NCC

You are likely interested in nutritional coaching for one of three reasons or a combination: 
1. You want to improve your body composition
2. You want to improve your athletic performance
3. You want to optimize your health
Regardless of your goals you are probably here because you feel you need a helping hand and a guide to achieve your goals, that’s where I come in. 
You probably know that you are capable of so much more, you’re just not sure about the route to take or what information to believe. 
You may have no idea where to begin with regards to changing your nutrition, you may have started countless diets without being able to quantify whether or not you were getting results, you may find that your goals have not been specific enough or perhaps too ambitious. 
It’s my job to meet you wherever you are in the process of self-improvement or athletic performance with regards to nutrition and assist you in moving forward with clear goals, expectations and strategies. 
Nutritional coaching comes down to so much more than simply following a meal plan, its learning about different nutrients and what they offer, adjusting to eating on the go or eating out and developing healthy eating habits for sustainable results and a healthy lifestyle.

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